Ways to get involved



We LOVE our volunteers!!! Volunteers currently help with our awareness campaigns and fundraising efforts. We are developing more ways for volunteers to be involved. Look for information on additional opportunities coming soon.

All volunteers attend orientation and training designed to give them the knowledge and resources needed to best help.

If you haven't filled out a volunteer application yet, click below to let us know you are interested in volunteering. 


Advocacy means speaking up for those who can't speak for themselves. Victims of trafficking often feel as if they do not have a voice to make changes to laws and policies. One way we can walk alongside victims is by advocating on behalf of them. 

  • Share with your local and national representatives and senators about trafficking and the work of the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition (https://legislature.idaho.gov/)
  • Find out what new legislature is coming up that may affect victims and service providers

Raise Awareness


Many people are unaware that trafficking exists in their neighborhoods. Check out the Resource Section of our website to become educated on the issue. You can help raise awareness by:

  • Talk about trafficking with friends and community groups
  • Follow us on Facebook and share our posts
  • #idahofightsht
  • Invite a representative of the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition to share or provide training


Help us raise funds to provide the services and education on trafficking. 

  • Help coordinate and work fundraising events
  • Create a fundraiser for the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition
  • Donate to the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition