Our Mission

The mission of the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition is to work alongside community members in providing awareness, education, services, and safe housing for victims of human trafficking.


What We Do

Solace House


Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition, Inc. - Solace House will be Idaho's first safe house for victims of trafficking.

Solace House Outpatient Clinic



Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition, Inc. - Solace House Outpatient Services provides mental health services for children and adults, male or female.

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Get Involved


There are many ways to be involved in the work of the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition including awareness building, education, and volunteering.


Blue Backpack Project

About the project

We are excited to be partnering with The Blue Backpack Project to provide personal care kits to individuals who we are serving. The kits contains hygiene and personal care products all packed in a blue backpack that transforms into a suitcase as needed. 

How to help: 

Collect the items on the needs list (to the right) and contact The Blue Backpack Project through their website for a drop off location. This is an easy way to get involved as part of a group, family, church, or office. 

In addition to the care items, the project accepts donations to help purchase the backpacks. You can also donate gift cards in increments of $25 which will be used to purchase food, phones, and new clothing for each individual. 

Contact Information:


Email: hope@thebluebackpackproject.org

Phone: 208-914-1540

Registered Charity: 501c3 nonprofit 

What's Needed

 Here is the list of items needed:

• Full Size: Shampoo/conditioner 

• Body wash 

• Deodorant 

• Hairspray 

• Lotion 

• Body Spray 

• Face/makeup wipes

 • Face cream

 • Toothbrush/toothpaste 

• Feminine products  

• Chapstick/lip gloss 

• Small first aid kit 

• Hairbrush 

• Ponytails/hair clips 

• Socks • Journal 

• Pen 

• Gum/candy

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