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The Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition is a grassroots organization committed to changing how Idaho views and responds to human trafficking. Made up of a few dedicated community members and a network of organizations the Coalition is working hard to grow a support system to identify and help victims of trafficking.

The Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition began in the summer of 2017 intending to address the growing issue of trafficking in Idaho. Since then, it has grown substantially and has taken on the goal of opening Idaho’s first safe home for trafficking victims-Solace House. Solace House Outpatient will provide professional counseling services to individuals throughout the community who have been identified as potential or current victims of trafficking.

In addition to the opening of Solace House and Solace House Outpatient, a focus of the Coalition is education and advocacy. Our program staff and volunteers provide training on trafficking to local individuals and organizations. Advocating for victim rights and new laws that protect instead of prosecuting victims is a key component of the Coalition's mission.

To learn the full story of the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition and what we are doing, watch the interview below with director Jennifer Zielinski.


What is the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition

In this interview, Jennifer Zielinski the director of the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition gives an overview of the work of the Coalition, delves into the issue of trafficking in Idaho, and discuses the creation of Solace House, Idaho's first safe house for victims of trafficking.

Press Release


The Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition is honoring its mission to work alongside community members in providing awareness, education, services, and safe housing for victims of human trafficking.

In the past two years, the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition has expedited its efforts to fulfill its mission. This year these efforts will include evaluating what is working and what isn't, strengthening statewide partnerships, expanding awareness and education, and ensuring that individuals have the right to housing, services, and supports, removing the process of criminalizing victims.  

Solace House Outpatient Clinic opened its doors in June 2019 and provides trauma-specific services and supports through trauma counseling, case management, and peer supports. Harbor House will officially launch in the first quarter of 2020 and is committed to ensuring safety through emergency and transitional housing for women fleeing sex trafficking. Work continues on opening Solace House, a safe house for minor victims of sex trafficking, ages 11-17. Each housing program will provide a continuum of care through the Solace House Outpatient clinic and community partners. Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition has a team that works with the community to provide training and education, awareness, and advocacy throughout the state that can be requested anytime through the website at idahoatc.org. 

Without community involvement, partnerships, and full transparency the Coalition wouldn't be able to successfully do this work, while honoring individuals who have the most important voice in this critical effort!  

For information on the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition contact: 

Jennifer Zielinski

Executive Director,

Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition



Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition (Idaho ATC) Code of Ethics - 2018

  1. Decisions concerning IdahoATC activity design and content and decisions related to the support of the IdahoATC will always be made in the best interests of those the coalition is partnering with and serving.
  2. IdahoATC content will always be evidence-based and free of inappropriate influence (i.e. emotional or manipulative).
  3. IdahoATC activities will be designed to maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skill, and awareness of the community in the provision of the highest quality of professionalism.
  4. IdahoATC is committed to the appropriate advancement and adoption of innovative strategies and outreach for combating trafficking to maintain credibility.
  5. IdahoATC is committed to educating the public to continue ending the silence surrounding human trafficking in Idaho. 
  6. IdahoATC activities must fall within the mission and goals of the coalition to ensure independent performance and behavior.
  7. IdahoATC staff and volunteers agree to abide by HIPPA guidelines to maintain the privacy and security of victims, survivors, and those involved in the treatment and support process. 
  8. IdahoATC staff and volunteers agree to honor commitments and keep promises, including fulfilling one’s responsibilities of trust in professional relationships. Staff and volunteers will speak respectfully about others and respect laws and authorities while working with state and federal agencies.