Solace House


The Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition is excited to announce Solace House - the first safe house in Idaho for victims of human trafficking. Solace House will provide a therapeutic setting for victims to receive emergency shelter and residential care, as well as medical and rehabilitation services. 

Solace House is currently undergoing renovations to bring it up to city code and state licensing standards. We hope to be able to open the doors in the next few months!

Solace House Q&A


What does the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition do?

The mission of the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition, Inc. is to work alongside community members in providing awareness, education, services, and safe housing for victims of human trafficking.

What is the Solace House?

The Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition, Inc. - Solace House exists to provide a home for girls 11 to 17 years of age who are victims of sex trafficking. Solace House will serve children in Idaho but will collaborate with other states throughout the United States as a possible placement. 


We are working in collaboration with a variety of organizations, nonprofits, churches, local and state agencies, Saint Alphonsus Health Services, Terry Reilly Health Services, Faces of Hope Victim Center, Law Enforcement, Juvenile Corrections, Legislators, and many more.

Where will the Solace House be located?

Solace House will be located in the Boise area in an undisclosed location.

What type of services will Solace House provide?

A child/youth might be a victim of sex trafficking within the family structure or through force, abduction, fraud or coercion. Children/youth need a sense of belonging and ongoing reassurances of value and worth. Therefore, Solace House is a residential care facility that provides trauma-informed care, group and individual therapy, supports, life skills, and opportunities for physical activities and peer interaction for the purpose of restoration and rehabilitation. 

How long will victims be able to stay at the Solace House?

Youth can stay at the Solace House for up to two years, and when ready, a case manager will work on seeking a permanent placement. 

How can I get involved?

We welcome anyone who would like to learn more or get involved to fill out a volunteer application to let us know you are interested.

We offer ongoing Trafficking 101 training, as well as host educational and awareness events throughout the state. Details are on our website and Facebook page, and remember to click on our donation tab.

Donate to Solace House

Solace House is a community effort. We need both monetary and

 in-kind donations to make the House a success. 

Have more questions about donating or want to set up a drop off of 

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