Movie Night At The Egyptian

Join us on May 1st at the Egyptian Theater in downtown Boise for Idaho's premier of "California‚Äôs Forgotten Children".  As we prepare for the launch of Solace House and Solace House Outpatient Clinic, this evening will give you an in-depth look at the challenges faced by children lost within our systems and an opportunity to reflect on how Idaho can avoid the same tragic outcomes.  

Through this documentary, Idaho is presented with a unique opportunity to learn from the failed systems, to identify gaps and barriers and collectively work to avoid the same tragic outcomes for children within Idaho's systems. 

Doors Open: 5:30

Movie Starts: 6 pm 


Tickets will be $5 at the door and include entrance to the movie, one drink (water, pop, ect), and one snack (popcorn, candy). Additional drinks and snacks will be available for purchase for $1 each. 

This movie is a feature documentary and multi-platform project to research, gather, and share triumphant stories of survivors creating a new life after commercial sexual exploitation.  Here is the description from the directors:  

"California's Forgotten Children" is a documentary about child sex trafficking and exploitation of children in California. The film focuses on true stories of youth who were sold on the streets of California and are now survivors and brave leaders, fighting for the rights of forgotten children in the United States.

Their stories are compelling and empowering, showing that any child can be exploited regardless of ethnicity or financial background. This film features interviews of incredible abolitionists, case managers, advocates, district attorneys, police officers, parents, teachers, lawyers, students, people working in non-profit organizations., and artists all dedicated and working together to put an end to this epidemic.

Trigger Warning: Trailer and documentary contain descriptions of violence, sexual abuse, trauma, and trafficking.  

Parent's Note: Language used and subject matter may not be appropriate for children. Please use discretion when considering bringing children to the event. 

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